The Weekend Update : May 22


via Katie B

· How to work a room when you’d rather walk out of it.

· We’ve been watching these pop up all over town and we think it’s about time every neighborhood got it’s own Little Free Library.

· The best office productivity hack that promises to get you back an hour of your life everyday.

· That drawer full of unknown keys? Lets fix that with this easy DIY leather keychain that will have you smiling every time you’re off to grab the mail!

· Instameets and why you should attend one.

· Taking off in flight somewhere fun this summer? We love this simple kid’s travel tip!

· Skip the spoon! These ultra yummy banana split popsicles are the perfect treat for the long weekend.

· ISO1200 clues us into how to turn any bag into a camera bag with just 3 tools.

· Partner up with us and become a guest writer at Everything Bloom! Find all the details here!

· With the unofficial start to summer upon us, its time to get ambitious! Have you started your Summer Bucket List yet?

· We’re giving you the go ahead to take it easy on yourself with end of the year teacher’s gifts. So grab a gift card and hit print on this adorable envelope!

Honor Memorial Day and give the next person you see in uniform a big giant THANK YOU! Whether you’ll spend your along weekend BBQing, by the water or just catching up on some much needed R&R, we hope it reigns supreme! Until next time…xo

Session Spotlight | Monika Eisenbart

There is just no denying that birthdays are the best days. And your first birthday? That takes the very cake of best days! We love the documenting of Esme’s first birthday session from Monika Eisenbart and the hugs and giggles captured throughout has “best day” written all over it!

I would love to share with you one of my recent sessions: first birthday session with Esme and her family. Session took place at the comfort of their home. We started with some cuddles, cake smashing and finished with family art project. It’s one of my favorite sessions.

I shot it with Canon 5D mark III. Most of the time I used Canon 35mm and 50mm lens.

















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Lets partner up! Join with Everything Bloom and write for us!


Lets partner up! Join with Everything Bloom and write for us!

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