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Rachel Chaney of San Antonio, TX has been a longtime member with us on The Bloom Forum and her seek and find games with the most beautiful light in the Lone Star State have become a welcomed source of motivation to so many of us. With our eyes locked on Rachel’s latest session with her boys fishing with their grandpa, we knew it was a must share. Set on a friend’s fishing dock, we can’t imagine a more perfect location as the backdrop for Rachel’s timeless images sure to become treasured family heirlooms!

My dad took my boys fishing this summer. My daughter and I stopped by about an hour into their adventure. We were greeted by a cooler already half full of fish; two pumped-up boys; and one hard-working Grampy untangling endless knots. Everything was bathed in creamy evening reflected back in the water. I used my Mark III and my Canon 50 mm f/1.2 for the entire shoot.

© Rachel Chaney // featured on Everything Bloom


bloom_3 © Rachel Chaney // featured on Everything Bloom


bloom_6 © Rachel Chaney // featured on Everything Bloom




If you’re a big fan of Rachel Chaney just like us, stop by her blog for a great collection of inspiration! And to see more from the fishing shoot from above, click here.

Insta roundup from our IG takeover with Wendy VonSosen


It’s that time again, time for our insta-roundup! This month, we are going to showcase some photos that came through when Wendy VonSosen hijacked our IG feed and asked all of our followers to show her your #bloomwonders photos. And without a doubt you all did just that. Take a look yourself:

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The Weekend Update: Oct 17

© Elizabeth Pfaff // featured on Everything Bloom

via Elizabeth Pfaff

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· There is nothing quite as energizing to the creative brain as a change in environment and the extreme colors of autumn foliage ranks in our tops. Take note of this U.S. when and where Fall foliage map to find out when the peak hits your area!

· Skip the pumpkin, carve a pineapple.

· To celebrate Friday, here is Carlton doing the Carlton.

Enjoy the sweater weather and take it easy on yourself this weekend! xo