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· Get fired up with the best TED talks of 2014 for purposeful women.

· With SEE Palm Springs less than 4 months away, we’re completely on board with this gingerbread house inspired by the desert city will be converging on.

· What you own VS. what owns you.

· Oyster, nicknamed the netflix for books, is available just in time for your home bound or out of town holiday! The perfect gift?

· Why the cancellation of the movie “The Interview” may be pushing art into a corner.

· Has the switch to 2015 got you overwhelmed by all the changes you want to make? Slow your roll…changing your life is like a marathon.

· Don’t even daydream about your next cup of hot cocoa without adding these chocolate dipped coconut marshmallows!

· Winter break is on the horizon so bring on fresh projects for the kids with these holiday decorations made from your big bucket of Legos complete with step by step building guides.

· Before you go cookie cutting away this week, read up on how baking is fighting depression.

· National Geographic announced its Photo of the Year and there should be no surprise at who makes an appearance.

Its the last weekend before the big day and we hope your holiday is filled with merriment and plenty of winter wishes! Have yourself a merry little Christmas…xo

Session Spotlight | Angel Castillo

It’s a true gift to be able to take a portrait of someone and capture the essence of who they are in that photograph.  There has to a level of connection and a trust between the subject and the photographer.  Angel Castillo did just that in this session with a close friend.  In her own words:

I met Nathan in college and have known him for over 11 years. He was helping me practice for a family shoot we are doing together at that location. Yet, it’s so eye opening to really see someone as you take their portrait. I know this was for practice, but he was complaining about his wrinkles and not liking his face close up. What I noticed was how much we have seen each other grow in life. I knew him without wrinkles, grey hair, a successful life and am so grateful to have his friendship. I think back to our last day of college when a mutual friend of ours said “I bet we will never see or hear from Nathan again.” It’s funny to me now because we talk EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

bloomnathan-1-4 bloomnathan-1-5 bloomnathan-1-6 bloomnathan-1-7 bloomnathan-1-8 bloomnathan-2 bloomnathan-2-1 bloomnathan-2-2 bloomnathan-2-3 bloomnathan-3 bloomnathan-4 For more of Angel’s work:  Website \\ FB \\ Pinterest

Food Photography Narratives : Natural Light, Simple Styling & Storytelling with Gina Weathersby || February 2015

Food Narratives

Join Gina Weathersby, a nationally and internationally published, award winning food/lifestyle photographer as well as founder, creator director and principal photographer behind the food magazine, 513{eats}, in Food Photography Narratives : Natural Light, Simple Styling & Storytelling.

This workshop is all about making beautiful images of food using natural light, simple styling as well as telling a story around it. Seeking the one perfect image is wonderful, but, for me ­ it’s the story that pulls me in deeper, makes me want to keep coming back for more, and keeps me loving what I do simply because each story is inherently unique. In our time together, I will share with you what I have learned and what I know about making beautiful and engaging images of food by using solid techniques, and a creative heart through descriptions, visual examples, demonstrations, shooting assignments and individual feedback.

This workshop is for food bloggers, recipe developers, food writers, hobbyists, amateurs, or anyone wanting to learn to improve the quality of their images and/or how to approach, set up, style and make beautiful images of food using natural light in the simplest of settings. I create many of my food images in the dining room of my own home or by a single window in my studio with simple props and basic equipment, and you can too. My goal is to share with you my approach along with the components of creating beautiful photographs of food that you can take with you, continue to practice with and use to create enticing images to grab your reader’s/client’s attention on your own websites, blogs or personal projects.

PREREQUISITES: To enroll in this digital natural light food photography workshop, you do not need to have the latest or most expensive camera/lenses/equipment, but you’ll get the most out of this workshop if you have a dslr, tripod, and at least a 50mm lens. Regardless of your camera, you need to have a basic understanding of your own camera’s functions as well as shooting manually.

** This is is three week intensive workshop with multiple shooting assignments. Please be sure to allow ample time for this workshop if you plan to enroll as an active student.



Gina Weathersby is a nationally and internationally published, award winning food/lifestyle photographer as well as founder, creator director and principal photographer behind the quarterly food magazine, 513{eats}. While working closely with chefs, artisans, makers, and farmers to create imagery for their websites and marketing needs, creating visual content for over 800 pages of her own magazine as well as regularly contributing to other editorials, Gina has developed a repertoire of the art of visual storytelling which she calls Food Narratives.


Topics covered will include:
Lesson 1 Your Story/Your Style:
- The thought process behind a food shoot/storyboards/purpose/theme/color palette/mood and your style of storytelling.

Lesson 2 Natural Light/Locations:
- How to see and find light as well as understanding the differences in the qualities of light.
­- Different directions of lighting your food.
­- How to manipulate light with simple and affordable materials.

Lesson 3 Modifying Light/Video Demo

Lesson 4 Technical Camera Considerations (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White

Lesson 5 Camera Shooting Considerations (Lens Selection, Camera Angles, Lighting

Lesson 6 The Story

Lesson 7 Props/Video

Lesson 8 Creating Your Shot List

Lesson 9 Artistic Considerations (Light, A Sense of Place, Composition, Color, Emotion)

Lesson 10 Prop/Set & Food Styling

Lesson 11 Ready to Shoot/Video

Lesson 12 Post Processing

Lesson 13 Assembling your Visual Story

Lesson 14 Getting Inspired, Staying Inspired and Working your Craft

FINAL ASSIGNMENT/BONUS ASSIGNMENT: ­You will have a week to complete and submit.



Students will receive:
– Demo videos
– Post processing videos
– Assignments and individualized, thorough feedback
– The full downloadable pdf of the written lessons from this workshop

Q&A: All active students will be able to (and are highly encouraged to) participate in Q & A sessions. I’m here to share with you and you’re here because you want to learn, so don’t be shy. Ask away, I’ll do my very best to answer anything and everything to the best of my ability.

** After the workshop lessons, students will put their skills to use with a final assignment of photographing and creating your own ‘Food Narrative’ a magazine style spread of their own Food Narrative, plus a bonus (optional) presentation option, for final feedback (active seats only).


1. This workshop is for forum members only, therefore, you must be a member of the forum to take the workshop. To become a member, simply head here to sign up.
2. Registration takes place inside the forum in the Bloom News section under Mini Workshop Information.
3. This is a 3 week workshop that will run from February 9th – February 27th., 2015
4. 25 active seats are available at $250.00 per seat.
5. 25 silent seats are available at $200.00 per seat. Silent seats will be able to view all the workshop material and receive the pdf but cannot post inside the private forum, email Gina and get cc on their homework.
6. The private workshop information will be available for one month after the workshop ends.
7. This is an online workshop and students work at their own pace within the allotted workshop dates.
8. Registration is now open on a first come first serve basis.

No refunds are given once a seat is purchased, however, you can sell your seat on your own.


To see more of Gina’s work, please visit her site || blog || magazines || facebook page || instagram || pinterest

To see images from her past students of her first workshop, click here.

If you have any questions regarding the content of the workshop, please email Gina directly at For all other emails, please feel free to send us an email at
Thanks all!
The Bloom Team