The Weekend Update: Sept 19

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· The creators of WordPress learned long ago that the ultimate office perk is dumping the office all together.

· We’re willing fall the best we can and you’ll definitely catch us making this easy, cheerful fall watercolor garland this weekend.

· Remember that smart phone light meter on Kickstarter we introduced to you a while back? Its now gone legit and here is a review of the Lumu smart phone light meter to get you up to speed!

· Want to hit the art museum on your lunch hour? 18 Instamuseums that are only a tap away!

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· Our quote of the week. Fly friend.

Take good care of yourself this weekend and will catch up with you next week! xo

Session Spotlight | Amanda Burr

Summer came and went but while she was here she brought with her some downright amazing scenes for our resident photographers! One would only dare try the fete of underwater sessions during this seasonal open window and we’re here to say that Amanda Burr is straight up killin’ it! 

If you’ve ever attempted underwater photography you’re bound to have an even greater appreciation for the magic Amanda created underwater. And if you haven’t and you’re so inclined, these images will give you just the shove you need to give it the old college try before summer is gone for good.

I have fallen in love with underwater photography. It is so magical and beautiful under the water. I love the colors, the light, the bubbles, and the free flowing movement of my subject. These images are from a session I did with my two little ones in our pool one evening this summer using an underwater housing I recently purchased. I thought it would be fun to use the pool light to create interesting back-lit images and to capture all of the underwater fun the kids were having that night. We are a water loving family so I know this is the beginning of many more underwater adventures for us.

amanda burr photography01 amanda burr photography02 amanda burr photography03 amanda burr photography04 amanda burr photography05 amanda burr photography06 amanda burr photography07 amanda burr photography08 amanda burr photography09 amanda burr photography10 For more of Amanda’s work:  Website \\ FB \\ IG \\ Pinterest

Discoveries from Food Narratives With Gina Weathersby

Our focus will always remain true to our members so last year when we asked what workshops they would like to see in the future, food photography took the cake- so to speak!

We found the lady to fit the bill when we came across Gina Weathersby. As an experienced editorial artisan food photographer, Gina developed  The Food Photography Narratives Workshop specifically for the community at Bloom. She was the PERFECT fit for us!  Not only is her food photography out-of-this-world gorgeous, she made sure her students completed the workshop with a full understanding of the food photography niche- start to finish. She left no stone unturned and remained incredibly relatable and open while sharing all of her vast knowledge with her attendants.

Here’s what Gina had to say:

The opportunity that Bloom Founder and Owner, Brenda Acuncius, gave me to teach my Food Photography Narratives workshop through her Everything Bloom & The Bloom Forum online platform was ~ truly an incredibly experience ~ as was her involvement from start to post workshop, which was prompt, professional, helpful, friendly and hands on.

Of course, I could not have taught a workshop with out people to teach it to. This Food Photography Narratives workshop was intensive and required a substantial time commitment. I was humbled by the passion, participation, and dedication of the students as the pace was fast, and the assignments many (depending on the skill level.) Their enthusiasm, questions, “a-ha” moments, openness and trust equally inspired me to give/share all I had, and filled me with joy to be sharing my experiences, approaches and beliefs, knowing it was helping/guiding other creatives through their own photography journeys. I am grateful to each and every artist who took the time to sign up, show up, and give of themselves; and who now have some new tools to continue to work on their craft, grow and create with ~ from their own, beautifully unique voices.

Those who know me, know that I am deeply passionate about discovering, honoring and using our own voices as artists in our work. Although this workshop was built around food photography and story telling, it was to come from from our own ‘place’ on our individual journeys, which was a purposeful and continuous theme throughout this workshop. I spoke to this subject, and refereed back to it, throughout the lessons. To not only hear feedback of this topic, but to see it in action through the student’s work, was, for me, the highlight of the workshop. We all have the ability to learn, but to take that knowledge and attach our own voice/style/interpretation to it, are two very different things. Without the later, it’s just something taking up space. With the later, it’s a part of a person’s journey. Art, crafted through individualism, which has meaning and soul. I witnessed this understanding over and over again from these ladies.

This was my first experience teaching online and through a forum based interface – meaning, writing lessons/showing examples (lots)/sharing videos, communicating via posts within a daily forum – and, I loved it. The amount of information I was able to share, in the way I was able to share it, was possible because of the workshop being spread over a period of time, and, was wonderful. It was equally valuable to allow everyone to comment, ask and answer questions, share tips/experiences/opinions – overall, to be involved.


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Have these images made you hungry to enroll in the next Food Narratives workshop? Stay tuned because we will be announcing the next workshop date very soon!