The Weekend Update: Aug 1

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· How could fit possibly be August already?!?! Here’s a sweet little Back to School DIY to get you moving in the right direction. School or not, new pencils are good for the soul.

· These freak outs from men wearing makeup for the first time had us in stitches.

· Its high time that the 4-day work week finally takes off in the US.

· Eat more guacamole. More specifically, this kind.

· Once the era of cute jumping on the bed, playing in dirt, blowing bubbles, images are over, then what? Check out our own Wendy VonSosen’s tips on documenting life with older kids.

· While we all wait in lines to see the Boyhood, here are 25 other coming of age movies to watch this weekend that are still as sweet as their first go around.

· It’s now surpassed most social networks as the premier traffic source for small businesses so its time to make the absolute most of Pinterest!

· Transform that $10 grocery bouquet into a gift worthy of a florist’s creation!

· 11 Tips to Mastering Mobile Photography from our good pals over at Artifact Uprising.

· Its your weekend, you can dance if you want to!

Have a super funky Friday and a supreme weekend! With only a few weeks to summer left, soak it up! xo

Session Spotlight | Kathy Beaver Photography

Stylized sessions can be such a blast, especially when your client is the mind behind the concept.  This session by Asheville’s Kathy Beaver is a great example of just how much fun the process can be and what an amazingly vibrant gallery of images can come from a united collaboration.  

This session was such fun! To celebrate her turning 16, K’s family gave her the gift of a stylized shoot. She choose the 70′s, groovy! We started out at the botanical gardens for a “flower child” feel, and then went to downtown Asheville, NC for a urban 70′s look. It was so much fun doing this stylized shoot and trying something different. Working with these teen girls was awesome, they were energetic and up for anything! They made my job so easy!

Equipment: Canon 6d, 85 mm 1.4, 24-70 2.8
Hair and Makeup: by Simone Kaiser
Vintage Props: Mingle

Kathy Beaver1 Kathy Beaver2 Kathy Beaver3 Kathy Beaver4 Kathy Beaver5 Kathy Beaver6 Kathy Beaver7 Kathy Beaver8 Kathy Beaver9 Kathy Beaver10 Kathy Beaver11 Kathy Beaver12 Kathy Beaver13 Kathy Beaver14 Kathy Beaver15
For more of Kathy’s work: Facebook // Instagram // GOOGLE+ // Pinterest

Documentary Photography with Lindsey Bergstrom


Day after day we strive to capture literal blinks in time—for both our clients and ourselves—that stitch together moments into beautiful memories. We think of ourselves as photographers but in most cases we are storytellers; witnesses to intimate moments, small triumphs, and quiet sorrows. After this photography workshop you will walk out with a concrete plan for your first documentary project, knowledge and also practice under your belt regarding what it takes to successfully tell stories with your camera, and a better appreciation for the history of documentary work. Before embracing lifestyle family photography Lindsey Bergstrom completed her Master’s degree in Documentary Photography and then chronicled the lives of the families who remain behind in times of war as well as motherhood in rural America. She now has two small children and has shifted her focus to capturing the raw, real moments of their lives.


You will start by examining the work of notable photographers to gain an understanding of the different approaches available and identify which you may want to use. In addition, each participant will present their idea and a plan for a project that they will in turn initiate… baby steps to get going and overcome whatever fears and obstacles may be holding you back. A part of this means a lot of sharing and discussion. Defining your hopes, fears, and dreams are a huge part of success, so you will walk away with big dreams for your project.

At the end of the course Lindsey will not only look over everyone’s plan and offer feedback, but as an
added incentive to finish your first documentary project she will also schedule individual project
reviews with each participant 30 days after the class ends. This presents an incredible opportunity to
not only apply your new skills and get timely feedback on your photography, but also external
accountability to get out and shoot… for those of us that need that extra little kick to shoot that project we’ve had in mind for so long! Also included is a detailed PDF as a guide for your project.

* Lindsey will also will schedule individual reviews with each participant one month after the workshop ends. This added bonus will allow you to check in with Lindsey after you’ve had some real time to work on your project. This will be a low stress (promise!) chat about your project…what went right, what when wrong, your artistic vision, and a critique of your project portfolio.


All experience levels are welcome and encouraged. The class will be a friendly environment where you can share both ideas and work with others to receive constructive feedback.


1. This workshop is for forum members only, therefore, you must be a member of the forum to take the workshop. To become a member, simply click here to sign up.
2. Registration takes place inside the forum in the Bloom News section under Mini Workshop Information.
3. This 3 week workshop will run from Monday, September 15th – Monday, October 6th.
4. 15 active seats are available at $200.00 per seat.
5. 15 silent seats are available at $150.00 per seat. Silent seats will be receive all the workshop material but cannot post inside the private forum, email Lindsey and get cc on their assignments.
6. The private workshop information will be available for one month after the workshop ends.
7. This is an online workshop and students work at their own pace within the allotted workshop dates.
8. Registration is now open on a first come first serve basis.

No refunds are given once a seat is purchased, however, you can sell your seat on your own.


To see more of Lindsey’s work, just head to her website | blog | facebook.

If you have any questions regarding the content of the workshop, please email Lindsey directly at For all other emails, please feel free to send us an email at
Thanks all!
The Bloom Team