The Weekend Update : June 24


via Carey Pace

· We could all let loose a bit more so here are 5 Ways to Add more Play into your Work + Life.

· Are you one of those chill people who don’t get worked up over things? Lucky you — you can skip over this.

· Oh noooooo…go clean you phone…like NOW.

· Applause for iOS 10 — we finally have the control to dump Compass and all this other filler apps we have no use for. Apple, you’re a few years late, but thank you.

· The genius color savvy marketing that is bound to save thousands of lives. Note: don’t use 448C in your marketing unless you want your clients to think of dirt when they see you.

· Mistakes, they happen. Turn them into something fun and make the most out of your 404 Error page.

· 10 Ways to Give Your Kids an Honest-to-Goodness 1970s Summer. Drinking from the hose? WE’RE IN!

· Recharge and hone your sight by sketching scenes when you travel instead of photographing them.

· You know the only reason you should ever look back?

· Whether hanging home or maybe something a bit more spur of the moment, we hope it is all the adventure your heart desires! See you on Monday…xo

Tuesday Tips #216 · Slaying Your Vacation Photos


To create dimension and maximize interest within your travel photography and landscape shots, consider elements you want to include, or equally as important, exclude from the foreground, middleground and background of your photos. A few steps to the left or right can also change the composition of what you see through your lens dramatically. You’re on vacation so get adventurous with your composition and don’t be content with what you see in front of you! Move left, right, up and down to find just the right mix you’re looking for.

“Good composition is like a suspension bridge — each line adds strength and takes none away.”
-Robert Henri

The Weekend Update : June 17


via Jason Watts

·Dads are the king of naps and they teach their children well.

· Through two historic terms, Pete Souza got some pretty amazing shots of The Obamas behind the scenes. Our favorite is that swoony elevator shot…

· With the mourning of great loss in Orlando and across the rest of our country, things can quickly start to feel overwhelmingly dark. This quote encompasses everything we need to remember to shed a little light.

· In case you missed it, this week we featured our forum member’s favorite images of fathers from this year. Dads are rad.

· Oh, summer. You get us so excited for new seasonal goodies like tomatoes, watermelon and CORN! Check out the wicked good corn dip Pioneer Woman just posted and Baked Bree added a corn pudding this week that we’re adding to this weekend’s meal for sure.

· We gave it a go and we’re liking what we’re seeing; the Photoshop secret to getting tack sharp images for web with no loss in color!

· PPA is hard at work trying to make it easier to enforce photographers’ copyrights — lets do our part and get behind this!

· This photographer grabs strangers of the street and asks them to take a photo together as if they are family or partners. Good things happen…

Hoping you have the all the fun you can pack into the next 48 hours. Give your favorite dad a hug and a plate of pancakes this Sunday to ring in his holiday right. Lets catch up Monday! xo

Let’s Hear It For the Dads!

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we certainly couldn’t let the day slip by without an ode to the cool guy who never ever skips out on an adventure. A ride on Dad’s shoulders, a toss in the pool or saving the day while fixing a flat has always been a sure bet when it comes to good ol’ dad.

It is plain to see why photographing dads and their kids is one of our member’s favorite subject matters — with a wide range from uncontrollable laughter from goofing off to the sweet moment of a tired toddler sink into their dad’s shoulder. Before you head into Father’s Day this weekend, take a look at some of our favorite images from our members featuring the real deal everyday super hero.

sabrina-gebhardt-13 Sabrina Gebhardt

Evelyne_Lourenco_Fall_Session_004 Evelyne Lourenco

greydot Grey Dot Photography

julieaudoux Julie Audoux

mandalynranicker Mandalyn Ranicker

marcibacho Marci Bacho

nancylary Nancy Lary

jasonwatts Jason Watts

Raquel.Frechette.022216.6 Raquel Frechette

A very happy Father’s Day to all the pops, papas, dads, daddys, and grandpas out there! Wishing you a very happy weekend surrounded the love and laughter you have given all of us.

If you have a story of images or session you’d like to be featured here on Everything Bloom, please send your submissions HERE!