The Weekend Update : April 24

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· Go be awesome and put your happy pants on.

· Don’t you throw that away! 101 Ingenious Uses for Coffee Grounds, Egg Shells, Fruit Peels + More!

· Lightroom 6 just got a major overhaul of an upgrade with vastly improved culling times, HDR and panorama merge and lots more!

· Which personalities are more/less likely to apologize? Sorry about that.

· If you didn’t make it to SEE: Palm Springs with us, here’s your consolation prize.

· Ditch the crusty winter desktop and choose from 18 spring worthy desktop wallpapers to ring in sunny days ahead!

· 5 Things I learned in my first six months of being self employed.

· Photographing a child and their pet is nothing new but this rad series featuring the unlikely pairing of an orphan bird and his chosen family is worth a look.

· The film series “More than Just Parks” is undertaking the dauting task of creating 59 short films for each of the US National Parks . We thought it was fitting to share the stunning Joshua Tree edition since we will be sharing it’s wonder this weekend at SEE!

We’re counting on you to have yourself a fab weekend! xoxo

Deb Schwedhelm and Continuing The Journey || A Bloom Online Workshop || April 2015


BTM: ‘Continuing the Journey’ with Deb Schwedhelm is a continuation of her high sought-after Breaking The Mold workshop. If you are looking for an advanced imagery workshop, CTJ is exactly what you need. This workshop will be a small, intimate group with intensive discussions and a number of exercises. Seats are very limited.

Purpose of photography
Passion & vision
Advancement of style & inspiration
Fine art photography
Meaningful shooting
Previsualization & storytelling
Developing your portfolio
Showing and promoting your work

Accompanying exercise with almost every topic
Minimum of three photo challenges


In the discussion of this possibly being my last CTJ workshop with the Facebook group, here’s some words that previous participants ended up sharing. I think this says more about the experience than I could ever share myself….

Your 2 classes were the best decision I have made in my photo journey. Worth every cent and then some. I wish there was a way to let people in on the secret of the amazing-ness of your classes.

I think you should have us do guest appearances in BTM to tell them how awesome it is. We could showcase something we have done that is a direct result of CTJ. In my case, um, like everything that’s happened in the last two years!!

I gained so much from your workshops and one of the most beneficial thing about CTJ is this [Facebook] group… It’s like the workshop that never really ends, and I absolutely love it.

I would recommend CTJ to anyone, and have many times. By far, the most beneficial thing is this group and the time you take to continue on what we’ve learned, which I think might be rare.

You have saved me from so many mistakes along the way. I just feel so blessed that you taught me so much before I really got started with my photography. I thought when I signed up for CTJ that I would gloss over the fine arts aspects as it had never occurred to me to think that I could do that, but those were my favorite discussions. It really got me thinking about how my work could be meaningful and now I’ve had a photograph juried into an exhibition by Aline Smithson. Online only, but still a career high! I still pinch myself that we’re not paying to be in this Alumni Facebook Group. It is such a wealth of information, so generous in spirit and full of continuing opportunities and inspiration. I love how it has grown well beyond Bloom so that people share honestly about classes wherever they have taken them and there is no other alumni group that I am in where the instructor continues to put so much into the group as you do.

deb new 2013

1. This workshop is for forum members only, therefore, you must be a member of the forum to take the workshop. To become a member, simply head here to sign up.
2. Registration takes place inside the forum in the Launch Pad section under Workshop Information.
3. The workshop will run from Wednesday, April 22nd – Wednesday, May 6th.
4. 15 active seats are available at $325.00 per seat.
5. No silent seats are offered for this workshop.
6. To participate in Continuing The Journey, you must have taken Breaking The Mold.
7. The private workshop information will be available for one month after the workshop ends.
8. This is an online workshop and students work at their own pace within the allotted workshop dates.
9. Registration is now open on a first come first serve basis.

No refunds are given once a seat is purchased, however, you can sell your seat on your own.


If you have any questions regarding the content of the workshop, please email Deb directly at For all other emails, please feel free to send us an email at
Thanks all!
The Bloom Team

The Weekend Update : April 17


via Lauren Bramlett

· Hillary may have announced her run for presidency this week, but SNL actually made it official and its super hilarious. Buckle up America!

· Why didn’t people ever smile in old photographs?

· This DIY marbleized ribbon would accessorize your next collection of client photographs brilliantly!

· Touching portrait series of mothers on their first day of motherhood.

· “Mom…mom…mom!” We had to share this most genius way to teach your child not to interrupt but all the while remaining connected and comforted.

· One block at a time Jennifer Tonetti Spellman shares her simple and effective steps to achieving your best work/home balance yet.

· One of the best known New York street photographers gives it to you straight (really straight) on what makes a good photograph great and a bad photograph terrible.

· Time ranks the worst jobs and photojournalists is declared #6. What the what?!

· How to deprogram your mind from buying crap you don’t need. Staying out of Target may help too…

We’re off to get ready for our last weekend before SEE: Palm Springs kicks off! We truly hope you’re up to something wonderful this weekend! See you next week! xo