The Weekend Update : April 29


via Ginger Unzueta Photography

· This Prince tribute piece from Chevrolet is a homerun.

· These oversize mother’s day prize ribbons would be just the thing to top that gift you bought her.

· 7 Moments Of Wasted Time In Your Day And How To Keep Them From Slipping Away.

· What’s your future self up to these days?

· Photographer Svenson used his telephoto lens on his real life neighbors to create the controversial voyeuristic series “Neighbors” and now scoffs at the lawsuits that have followed. Your thoughts?

· How Did She Get There: a new series of weekly interviews with successful women from media, communications and the arts thats sure to impress.

· The 7 Rules of Social Media for Photographers is a playbook for getting it right; pay close attention to #6.

· Thanks Internet. Its amazing we ever get anything done with your pesky self.

· Its safe to say you are most definitely inspiring someone right this very second just for being you. You slay.

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Tuesday Tips #207 · Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


You’ve been rejected, walked through the process as best you could and have been creating wildly putting a positive spin on things. Keeping in mind that “no” may actually mean “no for now”, reach out to that prospective client, wish them luck and let them know that you hope to work with them sometime in the future. While you may never find yourself working with them, they may suggest you to friends or family because of the kind, professional impression you left with them.

“Do what you do so well, that people can’t resist telling others about you.”
- Walt Disney

The Weekend Update : April 22


via Prather Gray Photography

· These images of Australia’s colossal waves is giving us major summer anticipation.

· This Earth Day, check out these 8 Photographs That Prove Just How Beautiful and Inspiring the National Parks Really Are and you’ll see why the parks are responsible for Ansel Adams’s inspiration.

· When you’re at a loss, try a new angle.

· “Once we give up searching for approval, we often find it easier to earn respect.” and other quote gems you need to get your hot hands on.

· Apparently, when people see themselves as self-made, they tend to be less generous and public-spirited. Here is why Why Luck Matters More Than You Might Think.

· If you’re a fan of Naked and Afraid, this New York Times article on the folks that are responsible for the strategic blurs is a great read.

· Save the flip out and check out this tip for finding your missing Lightroom images. Crisis averted.

· An easy DIY mesh photo display for an ever changing gallery of your favorite polaroids or Instagrams of late.

· The Winning Photography Products of 2016 Technical Image Press Association Awards.

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Session Spotlight | Brenda Acuncius

When you’ve been distracted from your craft and focused on life as we sometimes do, it can feel intimidating to pick up your camera and jump back into it. As proved through the images here, battling the hesitation, picking up that camera and dusting yourself off is indeed the hardest part. Need proof? Just look this session below! Back in the saddle again, Brenda Acuncius shows us her latest senior session packed with her signature color, composition variety and the black and white conversions we all crave.

This session was very special to me. I’ve been out of the “game” for awhile now, focusing all my efforts and energy into The Bloom Forum’s updates. Lately though, I’ve been getting the itch to take on just a few sessions — sessions that I feel would reignite my creativity as a photographer. By happenstance, this session came upon me and became exactly that. I’m not typically known as a Senior photographer, since smaller kids are more my jam but I’ve had a few ideas in my head that I’ve been wanting to try out on an older subject and I knew I could achieve it (or at least give it a good try) with her. She is truly a beautiful girl inside and out — so natural, so fun and so down-to-earth. She looks a little bit like Charlize Theron (especially in the first one) and Kelly Preston to me. Am I right?

We shot this in two separate locations, one was at nearby bridge and wooded area and the other was in downtown Denton, TX in the square.

Shot with Canon 5D mark II and 50 mm
Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop













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