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·A place for everything and everything in it’s place…save this gem for when you’re having one of those weeks when you barely have time to breathe.

· Valentine’s Day is right around the corner but we love this DIY pop out heart for the perfect spotlight on your favorite quote all year long.

· Is your favorite in The Top 10 Movie Closing Movie Shots of all time? Warning: Spoilers ahead.

· You may have heard already that it’s an election year (shocker) and if you need some clarification like we did behind what a caucus is and why the primaries are important, get schooled here.

· New month means new tips! February is collecting the best practices for a tidy system to save your digital files. Stay tuned for more

· How to Achieve Fast Auto Focus in Low Light Situations. Where has this tip been all our lives?

· Super Bowl Sunday is the national holiday of snacks so you do you this weekend! We’re recommending this Roasted Corn Dip or Margherita Pizza Dip or these indulgent black bean nachos for celebrating game day!

· Crack that ever growing book list you’ve been running with these tips on how to read 100 books in a year. #AlwaysBeReading

Stretch this weekend out as long as possible — we know we will! XO

Session Spotlight | Sabrina Gebhardt

We just never tire of witnessing these sweet, tender “getting to know you” moments between parents and their newborns. As photographers, we especially are so lucky to hallmark such momentous moments within a family, creating images that remain among their most prized keepsakes. Sabrina Gebhardt captures all the goods these parents will daydream of in days and years to come and thanks to her no matter the time passed, remembering those first few days of being a parent will feel just like it was yesterday.

I love photographing new parents. All newborn sessions are special but capturing that first child is priceless. This family was no exception. Seeing the joy in their eyes. Capturing their obsession with every tiny detail. I absolutely love it.

Nikon D750 and D700
24-70mm and 35mm 1.4

sabrina gebhardt 1

sabrina gebhardt 2

sabrina gebhardt 3

sabrina gebhardt 4

sabrina gebhardt 5 sabrina gebhardt 6

sabrina gebhardt 7

sabrina gebhardt 8

sabrina gebhardt 9

sabrina gebhardt 10 sabrina gebhardt 11

sabrina gebhardt 12

sabrina gebhardt 13

sabrina gebhardt 14

More from Sabrina Gebhardt can be found here: SITE // FACEBOOK // INSTAGRAM

Establishing Your Color Theory with Roxanne Bryant

Many of you have spent years pouring over tutorials to enhance your images, studying exposure methods and testing light — pushing far beyond boundaries you ever thought possible.

Once you have come to the point in your self taught journeys where you have mastered exposures, honed your own styles and lassoed light to bend your way, what is the next step? In a constant effort to learn and grow, where does you go from here?

Firmly planted in the foundation of art, Roxanne Bryant has developed Editing For Artists: A Color Theory Intensive, a unique introduction to color theory and how to incorporate it’s influence within images. Read on to find more information on Roxanne’s philosophy and all the details of her workshop in this distinctive series.

best of dipts-001-3

As artists, we spend an extraordinary amount of time talking about creative vision, capturing light, proper exposure, and in-camera technique. These building blocks are crucial for creating meaningful work and being able to control our camera to create the images and stories we long to tell.

I believe a missing piece in this technique equation is learning how to CONTROL COLOR.



If you were to enroll in Art 101 or any introductory drawing/painting/printmaking course, the color wheel is the first tool you learn how to use. But as photographers we are rarely encouraged to think about how color theory and its properties relates to our in-camera work and editing. Surely, it does.



If we ignore the way color relates in our imagery, we quickly loose ownership of our original vision. Our shooting and editing and colors can become a tangled mess. Color theory and its application must start early. Because hunting for color is just as important as hunting for light.

MV 10 day-015-5


Lightroom is structured like a painter’s palette. Learning how to push and pull colors, tones, and color value accurately is crucial to understanding the power of this editing tool. Without knowledge of color theory, many photographers can feel lost, and stab away at the Lightroom sliders without realizing the waterfall effect each push can have on the tones and colors in your imagery. We inevitably become frustrated. Or worse, quit.

Knowledge is power. My greatest hope for my students is empowerment through the theory, and to teach photographers to lasso color the way they lasso light. Understanding the way color works is the only way to edit like a fine artist, one with vision, voice and deep technical control on all levels of technique. And when you find deep control, you can make deeply beautiful, meaningful, and important images. The very reason you are called to create.


Rox & Jane-003

To see more of her stunning work, visit her here: site || blog || facebook