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Creative Processing with Kristin Rachelle

Wondering just what your actions are actually DOING to your images? Ever find yourself tweaking them to the point of frustration? Take back your creative control and learn how to make your OWN actions and customize those that you already have. Find out how professional California photographer Kristin Rachelle has established her own processing style, how she applies creative processing to her own images, and how you can develop your own creative workflow. Find out Kristin’s tips, tricks, and secrets as she lets you in on the creative decisions that she makes when editing and her recommendations for how you can achieve the look yourself.

achieving tones with color balance and levels
using blend modes artistically
processing backlit, hazy, and beach images
processing urban and deep color images

all (both active and silent) students will receive the following:

lessons (including downloadable PDFs)
detailed, personalized critique and guidance every week from Kristin
Kristin’s first ever set of creative actions

what you need:

Photoshop CS3 or newer
basic knowledge of Photoshop
a portfolio with at least ten nicely exposed images with proper white balance

1. This workshop is for forum members only therefore you must be a member of the forum to take the workshop. To become a member, just go HERE or click on join us at the top to sign up.
2. The workshop will run from Monday, April 23rd – Monday, May 7th.
3. 25 Active seats will be available at $200.00 per seat.
4. 10 Silent/read-a-long seats will be available at $150.00 per seat. Silent/read-a-long students cannot post in the workshop forum or contact Kristin.
5. The private mini-workshop information will be available for one month after the workshop ends.
6. All students will receive access to the After The Workshop Ends private forum to continue discussing the workshop with their peers.
7. Registration is now open up inside the forum (in the MINI WORKSHOP INFORMATION section).

You can read about this workshop over at our mini workshop page as well as see some more of Kristin’s amazing images. Also make sure you take a peek at her blog to view her stunning images as well as her website. And to keep up with the latest from Kristin, follow her on facebook!

If you have any questions regarding the workshop content, please email Kristin at kristinrachellephotography@gmail.com. If you have any other questions, just email us at everythingbloom@gmail.com.


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