Everything Bloom | February Session Spotlight with Toni Raper
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February Session Spotlight with Toni Raper

Welcome to another edition of our Monthly Session Spotlight, where we get to have the honor of highlighting one of our many fabulously talented members. This month’s stunning natural light session is from Toni Raper of Maeve Photography. We had to know more about this easy, delightful session and so we asked Toni to give us a behind the scenes of how it came about:

On this particular day I was aching to shoot some film, aching to get out and practice so I would become better at it. I live in a city but just a short drive away there is a clearing…a meadow. I wanted to shoot here because of the simplified background it offered. Being completely inspired by the tulle in my daughters dress, I wanted to create a sense of feeling and movement above all else.

Thank you Toni for letting us share your daughter’s session with us! What a great series to inspire us to get into the “Spring” of things…

Gear: These images were shot on a Contax 645, manually focused and metered with a handheld light meter.
Film: fuji 400H and portra 800. Dev/scan: Image Source

Aching for more? See more of Toni’s stunning work at Maeve Photography.

  • Cara

    8 Mar 12 at 3:04 pm Reply

    What a stunning session Toni, the colours are so beautiful. And you have really captured the essence of your little girl here, I love her expression and delight.

  • Stephanie

    8 Mar 12 at 9:01 pm Reply

    So gorgeous, what a beautiful session!!!!!

  • Amy

    13 Mar 12 at 1:50 pm Reply

    Wow. These images are so beautiful–the tone is so amazing! I can practically feel the sunshine and smell the grass. Thanks for sharing!

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