The BLOOM Forum!


YES, you read it right…BLOOM forum is opening soon! It will be open to everyone but have a little something extra for all of our wonderful BLOOM students. :) Make sure you watch here for details!


And I had to share this shot too….I LOVE it! I’m thinking a LARGE gallery wrap! I took these right before the skies opened up and poured! If you guys know me and my processing, both of these are a bit different than what I normally do, but when I opened them up, I sat and looked at them for a bit before diving into photoshop as I wanted the photos to tell me what they needed. We encourage our students that take the workshop to do the same…let the photos tell you what it wants. :)

  1. Can’t wait Brenda oh and I love that picture of Grace, it is beautiful definitely a gallery wrap!!!

  2. Stacy Cavanaugh

    I believe I missed the deadline for the Sept workshop.. When is your next workshop? I would like to sign up… Thanks.. Stacy


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