Everything Bloom | The Visual Narrative with Kelly Sutton
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The Visual Narrative with Kelly Sutton
This is an online interactive workshop where students work at their own pace within the allotted workshop dates.  With all Bloom Workshops, students are not required to log in at specific times of the day so no worries if you reside in another country, people from all over the globe participate in our workshops.


-Introductions: including a welcome video by Kelly to artists

-The art of storytelling: understanding the essential framework for a good visual story

-The oldest tradition: a study of storytellers from the past & interviews with current storytelling photographers

-Shoot your heart: seeing the action & understanding connection – learning the decisive moment to hit the shutter

-Setting & point of view: creating context through thoughtful composition

-A light intensive, part one: understanding the variations of light & how light is part of the story

-Video: Kelly shooting in a documentary situation



-A light intensive, part two: embracing shadows & low light

-Conveying mood: communicating feeling with light, honesty & imperfection

-Adding details & texture through creative shooting: reflection, movement, color

-Editing for a stronger story (video): editing in Lightroom with Kelly

-Curating the your story through one image, a collection, or a series

-The art of iPhoneography: documenting & edit on the go (strengthen your storytelling, with the camera you have with you)

Horse & Feather Photography
Horse & Feather Photography
The workshop details are stated below.  Please read them carefully as each workshop may be different.

October 2nd – October 22nd, 2017.

Next scheduled run date:  TBD.

Active seats | $200

Silent seats | $150

Active seats offer the full benefits of the online workshop: students get to participate within the workshop section, ask questions, email Kelly and get critique on their assignments where applicable.  Active students will receive the PDF at the conclusion of the class with the information from the workshop.

Silent seats are read-along only.  They will be able to view all of the workshop material but cannot ask questions, email Kelly or render critique on their assignments.  However, a separate section will be available where silent students can interact with each other and post assignments if they choose. Silent students will also receive the PDF at the conclusion of the class with the information from the workshop.

Check back soon.

In order to participate in this workshop, you must be a member of the Bloom Forum.  However, you do not have to be a forum member during the time of registration.

To get the most from this course, participants should have the use of a DSLR camera and be able to shoot comfortably in manual, or aperture priority mode.

In order to participate in this workshop, you must be a member of the Bloom Forum.  However, you do not have to be a forum member during the time of registration.

Once you register your PayPal receipt will act as your confirmation to the workshop.

If your Paypal email address is not your daily contact email, please contact Kelly at HORSEANDFEATHER@GMAIL.COM and let her know. The only email she will have on file is your Paypal one and that will be the one she will use to contact you unless otherwise noted.

No refunds are given once a seat is purchased, however, you can sell your seat on your own.  If you do, please get in touch with the teacher and advise her/him of the seat transfer.

The workshop will be open for two months after the workshop ends for students to gather and save information.  Please note that the teacher will not be available to answer questions during this period.

If you have any questions regarding the content of the workshop, don’t hesitate to email the teacher.  For all other questions, please feel free to send us an email at EVERYTHINGBLOOM@GMAIL.COM.

Check Back Soon
Check Back Soon
meet Kelly
Kelly Sutton is a Southern California native, raising her two young boys, alongside her partner-in-crime and husband, Christopher, in the same neighborhood in which she, herself, grew up. As a former Middle School teacher, Kelly now spends her days as a natural light photographer, and has fallen in love with capturing the beauty and honesty of everyday life. She strives to document the reality of life with children with authenticity and emotion; as well as, the humor, adventures, and non-stop energy that come with being a mom to two young boys. Sometimes she takes photos for other families, too, but most often you can find her following her children around with her camera in one hand, coffee in another.