The Weekend Update: May 3

ginger unzueta via the bloom forumvia Ginger Unzueta | Ginger Unzueta Photography

· So Google Reeder is slated to die on July 1. Change can be scary folks but bite the bullet and replace it with one of these up and coming 6 Feed Readers. I went for Feedly and so far, so good.

· Our gal pal, Ketti has just released her new Penny Mum bag! We just love the product shots of the bag in action from none other than our fellow Bloomie, Val Spring. And just for forum members, here’s a super-duper discount just because!

· Because it’s never too late to bust out a DIY May Pole.

· If you simply must work from bed: 5 Comfortable Solutions. Frankly, its never the first or the last time…

· Cinco de Mayo is Sunday and what other reason could you be waiting for to whip up the Ultimate Guacamole Trifecta?

· Katrina from Pugly Pixel’s 12 Favorite WordPress Plugins.

· Folks, before summer let’s make one thing clear: there are lemonade stands and then there are Lemonade Stands.

· Oh boy! Do I have the perfect DIY just-had-a-baby gift for that friend or client! Leave it on the doorstep and you can trust it will be appreciated time and time again!

Happy Weekend all! I dont know about you, but Im ready for an ice cream cone…

    • Shannon

      Thanks Cindy! It makes me super happy that you enjoy them! Have a brilliant weekend!

    • Shannon

      Absolutely Sharon! I never met a Lemonade Stand I didnt like! I loved the part about “one ice cube or two?”