The Weekend Update: Nov 9

photo courtesy of Ginger Unzueta | Ginger Unzueta Photography

· 7 Secrets for the Juiciest Thanksgiving Turkey ever & What to Wear at Dinner…we’ve got you covered!

· There are still a handful of Bloom by Ketti Handbags left and now is the perfect time to snatch one up at 20% OFF! Hurry, limited time only…

· Take in these amazing photos from the voting frenzy this week! I got my sticker, did you?

· 10 Ways to Slow Down during the Holiday Season. Trust me, whether now or later, you’ll need this one.

· Today is the last day to save over at the holiday shop at Miss Modern! Get ahead of the crowd and start this year’s card today!

· I have always loved this quote and now it has a home on my desktop thanks to Breanna Rose.

· Hurricane Sandy swept through the east coast and left a trail of devastation and disaster in its path. Our thoughts & prayers are with all of you affected by the storm. During times like these, its nice to see a little bit of magic can triumph. Check out the story of The Little Carousel That Could. Promise it will leave you warm & fuzzy…



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