Everything Bloom | The Weekend Update: Sept 7
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The Weekend Update: Sept 7

photo courtesy of Jayme Franklin

· A gorg September palette from none other than Miss Modern herself.
· 16 simple projects + free printables for fall
· Congratulations to our winner of the August Creative contest: Best Before/After, Jayme Franklin. Head over here to give her a quick congrats on the beautiful photo featured above!
· Useful SEO tips: How to Start and End a Post Well
· Those high res images bogging you down and making your Mac run slow? I never knew these tips for a faster Mac!
· HTML gives me a headache and I know I cant be the only one. Here is the first edition of a series of awesome HTML lessons to help spruce up your blog.
· Have you heard? Our exclusive Ketti handbag is available for purchase now! Head to this thread to get your link to purchase!

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