Everyday Beauty | Change The Way You See Your Everyday Life


With Photographer Ginger Unzueta

February 15th - March 6th, 2016 | Registration now open
$250 active participation / $200 silent participation / $100 alumni participation

Learn how light, composition, connections, and details come together to create memories that will last a lifetime. Ginger will teach you how to capture authentic moments through observing the beautiful mundane and routine that occur within the walls of your home. In addition, she will present ideas for you to create your own story-telling session from start to finish. Finally, she will discuss shooting in public places and the importance of getting in the pictures yourself.

Walk away from this workshop with a renewed appreciation and passion for documenting your everyday.

This three-week interactive online workshop consists of four assignments, including feedback from Ginger, intended to challenge each student’s abilities. A question and answer section will be provided where Ginger will actively engage with all students. A PDF file will be provided at the conclusion of the course with all content covered during the workshop.

A DSLR camera and basic knowledge of shooting in manual is recommended.

A Q&A section will also be provided. At the end of the course there will be a private section on Facebook where participants can continue interacting and sharing with one another.

Ginger’s past students have also created a project called Cherish this Day. Alumni will be given the opportunity to participate in this beautiful project as well.

Read reviews from past students here, here and here.

Exploring Through Your Lens | Taking Risks And Facing Our Fears


with Photographer Dana Pugh

February 22nd - March 6th, 2016 | Registration now open
$200 active participation / $150 silent participation

Often times, we mistakenly think that the pursuit of a great image is all about perfection. What we forget is that sometimes the very best of life is tucked away inside moments of imperfection. This is especially true when photographing children. Children are true explorers. They lack the self imposed boundaries that we place on ourselves. Because of this, while photographing children, it is important to step outside of traditional notions of perfect photography and into the idea of becoming explorers ourselves.

In this two week class, Dana will talk about stepping outside of your comfort zone and learning to embrace taking risks in your work. She will talk about how this has set her apart from her competition by consistently expanding her skill set and confidence level​. ​You will be encouraged to make mistakes and take calculated risks to try and create photographs outside of your comfort zone. Dana will walk you through her process of dissecting how to achieve an image she has in her mind and show you how she decides on the gear and the technique to get her there. She will also tackle simple fears that require little gear, but will help you gain confidence as a photographer.

Topics covered in this class will include:
- ​becoming a ‘thinking photographer’
- learning to embrace your gear
- ​shooting in the dark
- embracing inclement weather
- the process Dana followed to begin shooting underwater
- her complete gear list​(not just photography gear, but clothing, etc)​
- exploring your own photographic fears and finding ways to work through them
- the importance of embracing self-critique as a learning tool

There will be assignments and individual critique for all active participants. Dana will make herself available daily during the class to support your own process. A PDF guide will be made available for participants after the class, as well, all active members will be invited to join a private Facebook group to continue the conversation and exploration.

"Day In The Life” Time Capsule Film


With Photographer Xanthe Berkeley

February 29th - March 20th, 2016 | Registration now open
$180 active participation / $120 silent participation

A Time Capsule film is a fun & captivating, memory evoking film, created by you! Imagine your unique moments, packaged up into a film; using a mix of photos or video, for you to share and enjoy… forever.

The ‘Day In The Life’ film is my favourite Time Capsule film. For this film project you will document parts of your day – preserving the fleeting moments.… The more “everyday” the moment, the better… It’s a chance to record the details that will slowly change over time.

During the three week course, we will look at all the elements you need to create your own ‘Day In The Life’ film – From tips and tricks of what & how to capture your moments, through photos and video – to sorting through your footage and editing it together into a Time Capsule film of your day.

Your ‘Day In The Life’ film can be of your family life, your work or your own personal story of your day. Everything you learn and create, will inspire you and ignite your creativity and will be the starting point for you to carry on making these films as part of your everyday life.

All the course materials will be available at the start of the course, so you can work through them at your own pace.

It’s suggested that capturing your day should take part in the first week – you can choose which day suits you. Leaving the remaining course time to edit and ask questions and be inspired by other members of the course.

- A guide to helping you choose your day with what to look out for during the day – turning you into being a “memory gatherer.” Including video tutorials sharing how I shoot with DSLR and iPhone.

- There will be notes about shooting, storytelling & composition ideas, with tips & examples of what you can shoot and how to approach certain aspects of storytelling.

- There will be plenty of inspiration to spark your creativity, as I share some of my DITL films and my process creating them.

* Please note – Please feel free to use your favourite camera, whether it’s a DSLR, or hand-held video recorder or even an iPhone…or a combination. If you’re not that familiar with your camera, you’ll need time practice and play. I won’t be covering technical aspects of specific cameras. The shooting part of the course offers tips and guidance on how and what to shoot. This class won’t show the technical ins and outs of shooting with a DSLR.

- Notes on editing – approaching the editing process & using music to enhance the mood and feelings of your film (you may need additional funds available to purchase music for your films. I will share my favourite places to buy music for my films).

- I will work in iMovie, offering tips and showing you how I approach editing in this program. With the use of voiceovers of my films and tutorial screencasts, we will look at the basics of iMovie…how I approach editing my movies to give you the kickstart to go play and practice yourself (I won’t be sharing tutorials in Windows or Adobe Premier programs, but you are welcome to edit in them and there are plenty of other online tutorials to assist you. A lot of the advice and tips I share can be easily transferred).

sharing of participants films:
- A big part of the course is the community that gathers as so much inspiration can be gained by watching each others films. I will encourage you all to share your films with everyone by uploading to Vimeo and then sharing via the forum. You’re welcome to password protect your creation if you would prefer.

To see examples of DITL films, visit the links below: Saturday, 12.12.12 The Morning Routine (part one), 11.11.11 The Morning Routine (part one) and Random Happenings

To see examples of photo based films, visit the links below: Sunday Morning, A Week Of Mornings and Sunday

This workshop is for forum members only, therefore, you must be a member of the forum to take the workshop. To become a member, simply CLICK HERE to sign up.



With Photographer Roxanne Bryant

February 29th - March 13th, 2016 | SOLD OUT
$250 active participation / $200 silent participation / $100 alumni participation

The power of color leaves a deep and lasting impression on our imagery. The key to confident editing is understanding why color behaves the way it does. In this intensive you will gain insight on how color theory creates richness and depth, conveys mood, illuminates focal points and composition, and directly communicates your story. Learn subtle color control through the mindset of a painter, working with the HSL (Hue/Saturation/Luminance) panel as your palette. Utilize color theory in LIGHTROOM to correct color casts, analyze color relationships, and separate colors for more sensitive and dynamic color range in your work. Perfect the “Art of Seeing” through deep self-critique to push your own personal boundaries and confidence with editing. Finally, embrace a no-short-cut approach to editing – one that will bring greater understanding of every image as a singular work of art. Be prepared to take risks, try different approaches, and bravely reinvent color in new ways.

Intimate critique and discussion with Roxanne, editing exercises, and assignments will bring new life to your color imagery. Active seats gain access to an “After the Class” private Facebook forum for continued community and support on the art of color theory and editing.

This intensive is taught through LIGHTROOM only. A basic understanding of the software is required, and no instruction of the technical aspects of the program will be given (ex: uploading, cataloging, keywords, etc). This class strictly adheres to the artistry of editing, encouraging personal vision to make imagery sing. A solid understanding of manual shooting with a DSLR to achieve accurate exposure is strongly suggested to gain the greatest understanding of the concepts presented.

Simple Shooting SOOC


With Photographer Stephanie Beaty

March 7th - March 27th, 2016 | Registration now open
$200 active participation / $150 silent participation

Are you ready to transition from auto and program modes to manual? Transform your shooting results in 30 days by learning the foundations of natural light portrait photography from Stephanie Beaty of Lifeography. Discover the easy way to capture beautiful images SOOC (straightoutofcamera) without image processing or photoshop. Stop relying on editing to correct your images and learn how simple and freeing it can be to ‘get it right in camera’.

Who is this workshop for?
● Beginners who want to learn to use their DSLR.
● Program, Aperture or Shutter Priority Mode shooters who are ready to make the leap to manual.
● Photographers who rely on shooting RAW to consistently correct exposure, white balance, sharpness or crops.
● Anyone spending significant time on nonstylistic editing for image presentation.
● Shooters who depend on actions for image correction instead of enhancement.

In Simple Shooting SOOC, some of the topics Stephanie will guide beginning photographers through include:
- A DSLR overview and custom settings that will make your camera work for you
- Demystifying exposure and the exposure triangle to share how aperture, shutter speed and ISO
work together
- Metering like a pro
- Focus modes and the best way to select AF points
- A no-fail formula that will help beginners eliminate camera shake and nail focus in simple portraits
- Natural Light 101 and the top three lighting scenarios that can help every beginner succeed
- Easy tips and tricks on getting correct white balance in camera
- Professional framing secrets for dynamic portraits, the rule of thirds, and how to avoid ‘spraying
and praying’ / overshooting through thoughtful composition
- What ideal SOOC images should look like. Before and after editing examples that demonstrate
the benefit of high quality SOOC images
- My favorite beginners photography book and website reading lists

Suggested Equipment:
DSLR and 50mm Lens (or any lens with at least an f2.8 maximum aperture) All images will be shot in JPG mode and shared SOOC, resized for web.

Simple Shooting SOOC includes a topical PDF guide, as well as recorded tutorial videos. Participants are encouraged to submit three images at the start of the workshop for review and goal setting and contribute to multiple technical assignment threads.

Stephanie has been shooting professionally since 2006 and is an award-winning portrait and commercial photographer currently based in Tampa, Florida. Her work has been featured in a variety of international publications including Practical Photography Magazine, For The Love by Jinky Art and JPG Magazine. Her photographs were recently selected for multiple juried gallery exhibits by The Darkroom Gallery in 2014. She has a heart for encouraging others and a passion for helping women pursue and achieve their creative and professional goals, while maintaining life balance.

Perfecting Exposure, Light and Images


With Photographer Nichole Van

March 14th - March 27th, 2016 | Registration now open
$149 active participation / $119 silent participation

Tired of having less-than-perfect images out of camera and spending hours “fixing” problem photos in Photoshop? Do you dream of perfectly lit images with soft, creamy skin and little color noise? Would you like to achieve beautiful exposures every time you press your shutter? Do you want to be able to find amazing natural light at any time of day in any location? Basically, are you ready to take your images to the next level? If so, this workshop is for you. This workshop covers topics that will help you achieve perfect images straight from your camera. As a photographer, you can spend countless hours learning Photoshop tricks to reduce editing and proofing time, but in the end, the best solution is to have beautiful images straight from your camera.

Consequently, this workshop covers:
• how to get perfect exposures every time,
• an in-depth discussion of aperture and depth of field,
• how to get amazing blur or bokeh,
• understanding and using histograms,
• ways to ensure sharp images and troubleshoot focus issues,
• my specific formula for finding beautiful natural light both indoors and outdoors at any time of day,
• manipulating camera angle and focal length to create beautiful portraits,
• tips on how to create and capture client reactions and emotions,
• managing the look of a location and how to inject more drama into images,
• creating amazing sunflare, from metering to lens selection to focusing, and
• controlling the look, type, direction and strength of the flare you get, from spiky clean sunflare to
hazy golden light, guaranteeing beautiful results every time.

So much more than a vague suggestion to just “walk around and see what looks best,” this workshop provides in-depth diagrams for finding, shooting and troubleshooting your natural light, ensuring that the light in your photos is perfect every time. Based on the idea that you can’t fix what you can’t see, the workshop also walks through what good and bad natural light look like and help you understand what causes the bad and how to find the good. This workshop also covers basic traditional lighting patterns that relate to natural light and discusses how to utilize them. Best of all, finding perfect amazing natural light also means dramatically improving the white balance of photos straight out of camera. Most importantly when taken all together, this workshop thoroughly discusses ways to manipulate the digital format of DSLR cameras to ensure amazing image quality right out of camera. Because of this, the information and shooting tips in this workshop will lessen editing time, particularly for problematic skin, due to significantly improved file quality.

Participants in this workshop will receive the following:
• Using Natural Light Digital Workshop
• Secrets to Extraordinary Images Digital Workshop
• Achieving Perfect Exposure and Sharp Images Digital Workshop
• Capturing Sunflare Digital Workshop
• Specific shooting assignments and personal feedback (for active attendees)

Each digital workshop includes a pdf manual and video, so all total, this workshop includes nearly 170 pages of instruction with 13 videos. You can see each workshop in detail here.

Newborn Lifestyle Photography From Start to Finish


with Photographer Jean Smith

March 14th - March 27th, 2016 | Registration now open
$200 active participation / $150 silent participation

You love newborn photography, but you don’t know where to start. Or maybe you feel completely uninspired by what you have been creating. Or perhaps you want more a more natural feel and emotion in your newborn photos. Learn how to walk into a client’s home and feel 100% confident that you will be able to create a more natural and beautiful collection of images. This two week course will show you how to approach newborn lifestyle photography from initial client contact all the way through blogging and sharing images to attract new clients.

Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is for ANYONE who either currently photographs newborns or would like to start doing so. Because this workshop focuses on the style and techniques of in-home lifestyle photography, any photographer level will benefit from the information taught.

What will be taught?
Initial Client Contact and shoot preparation
Vision, Style, and Creativity
At the session – equipment, props, client’s home
Newborn session workflow
Light – Natural
Light – Artificial
Posing and working with the subjects
After shoot workflow
Blogging and social media
Lifestyle photography vs Traditional photography

There will be assignments as well as a Q&A section.

“Journeys End in Lovers Meeting”: An introduction to capturing a wedding


with Photographer Jason Watts

March 21st - April 3rd, 2016 | Check back soon

“The minute I heard my first love story
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.”Rumi

Are you primarily a lifestyle photographer that have always wanted to start shooting weddings but didn’t know where to start? Are you the type of photographer that would like to pick up a few weddings a year and still maintain your family photography roots? This class is designed to teach you about the basic of the wedding photography from a lifestyle photographers point of view. We will cover how to price your work, working with wedding clients, how to utilize your family photography skills in a wedding environment and best practicing on balancing to completely different type of photography.

When I started off in photography, covering a wedding seemed like an impossible mountain to climb. All of the pressure, time and skills needed felt out of reach. Like many of you, I focused on lifestyle sessions purely because I felt comfortable working and learning in that setting. Weddings can pose the greatest test of a photographer, both creatively and mentally. They require completely focus and attention to detail and yet have some of the most rewarding moments. This class is your first step to peeling back the curtain on how it all works, growing your confidence as a photographer and learning to step out of your comfort zone.

Topics that will be covered:
1. Pricing your work
2. Understanding contracts and necessary paperwork
3. Working with potential wedding clients
4. Tips for Engagement shoots
5. Overview of camera equipment and techniques needed to photograph a wedding
6. Scouting locations and working with different environments
7. Learning to be bold but not obtrusive
8. Working with large groups (wedding party, families, etc)
9. Finding the details to convey a story
10. Best practices working with the bride and groom.
11. Editing Video (30­45min)
12. Post wedding delivery to clients
13. Marketing/Follow up after the wedding
14. Live Q&A discussion

Breaking the Mold + Continuing the Journey Combo


With Photographer Deb Schwedhelm

Will run sometime in April | Check back soon
$375 active participation / $300 silent participation / $150 alumni participation

Deb Schwedhelm’s workshop is the longest running workshop here on the Bloom Forum and we’re thrilled to have her back this Fall. For Deb’s October workshop, she has decided to combine her Breaking the Mold and Continuing the Journey workshops into one special three-week class. This interactive workshop will include discussion, individual feedback and weekend assignments. You will receive an honest and intimate look at Deb’s photography style and journey. You will be encouraged to think outside the box and break the industry mold.

Creativity and inspiration
Passion and vision
Previsualization and storytelling
Finding and advancing your style
Creating strong images
Building a strong portfolio
Fine art photography
Showing and promoting your work

An honest and intimate look into my photography
Daily, interactive communication
Assignments followed by feedback
Workshop content PDF
Option to purchase a 48-page soft cover inspirational photo book

While silent seats are available, due to the interaction level of this workshop, active participation is strongly recommended. Upon workshop completion, all active participants will receive access to the private Facebook group, for continued interaction and sharing with one another.

To see images from past students, click here.

Let your Lightroom Shine


With Photographer Laura Morita

April 11th - April 29th, 2016 | Check back soon
$315 active participation / $250 silent participation / $100 alumni participation

Does the thought of sitting in front of your computer to edit make you want to cry? Do you feel like you’re wasting time trying to figure out skin tones, white balance, and what the heck all those sliders in Lightroom do? Or do you absolutely love editing and just wish you knew more about Lightroom so you could make your images really shine and streamline your workflow? Well, this workshop is for you.

In this three week interactive workshop, Laura will walk you through all the tools in the Develop module of Lightroom and show you how she edits not only her images, but some of YOUR images too. This is not a “watch me edit” type of workshop. Laura takes the time to give detailed explanations of what all the sliders do and why she uses (or doesn’t) use them. You’ll learn how to get rich, clean color edits with good skin tones as well as dramatic black and whites in Lightroom. She’ll show you how she handles tough edits that might usually have you running to Photoshop.  You’ll learn how to sync your images, make local adjustments, deal with color casts, make your own presets, and so much more! Laura will be using LR5.

This workshop is all about learning how to make Lightroom work for you so that you can get the results you want and save time! This online Lightroom workshop covers the Develop module only. No previous knowledge of Lightroom is required, as Laura will walk you through every step. While this is an editing course, if Laura sees that your images could use improvement with a better understanding of the actual capture of the image, she will address that too.

Included in this workshop is a 156 page pdf detailing all of the Develop module panels with examples of how Laura uses them in her own editing. As one student raved, “the pdf that you created was way over the top……. Morita Overachiever Award material! Seriously, that little or should I say BIG document will be with me on all my editing adventures.”

Laura has a love for teaching and enjoys when she sees the light bulb come on when her students understand a concept. She teaches online editing workshops, has presented on child photography and editing, and has given several presentations on child photography at Canon’s Live Learning Center in San Francisco. She currently is writing a series of articles for Canon on how to capture better pictures of your kids. Her students have loved her classes and appreciated the thorough explanations and videos.

Mastering Your Off-Camera Flash


with Photographer Nichole Van

April 18th - May 1st, 2016 | Check back soon
$200 active participation / $150 silent participation

Never be a slave to the sun again! Come learn how to harness light and get amazing images at any time of day in any location. Best of all, add to your skill set and differentiate yourself from photographers who have to rely on natural light alone.

Join us for an in-depth discussion of off-camera, on-location lighting. This workshop will cover understanding the properties of light, setting up and using off-camera lights, getting amazing images even in the harshest, brightest light, shooting outside on location, and creative lighting tricks. This workshop will focus on both wedding and family photography, showing you ways to incorporate lighting into most shooting situations.

Take your skills to the next level!

All participants will receive Nichole’s entire OCF digital workshop (a $149 value)!

Embracing The Chaos | Finding Connections Amongst The Chaos


With Photographer Jayme Ford

April 25th - May 8th, 2016 | Check back soon
$200 active participation / $150 silent participation / $100 alumni participation

Does the idea of stiff, rigid family photographs make your soul cry? Want to break free from the ordinary and create emotive images that will stand the test of time? No more fake smiles and uncomfortable looking, forced connections. Learn to work with unhappy dads, stressed out moms, and those crazy littles. Come join Jayme Ford of The Paper Deer Photography and embrace the chaos of these crazy beautiful families. If you have ever wanted to whole heartily capture the love between family members and fully document your clients story of togetherness and love, this 2 week, interactive course will help lead you on your way!

• Getting to know your clients
• Location scouting
• Working with kids
• Working with parents (aka how to win over dads)
• My go to equipment
• When sessions go bad (how to deal with it without it showing in your photos)
• My key shot list
• The shy photographer – building confidence
• Workflow
• Pricing & how to attract the right clientele
• Getting testimonials while boosting your SEO at the same time
• Bonus iphoneography course

There will be assignments as well as a Q&A section and private Facebook group for all members to interact after the workshop.

WHO IS THIS FOR? Anyone who yearns to document the real moments of you clients, who wants to feel confident going into a session all while spending more time with YOUR family because your workflow has been cut in HALF.

PREREQUISITES: A DSLR and knowledge of shooting in manual is recommended for this workshop.

Beyond Motherhood | Rediscover Your True North


with photographer Wendy VonSosen

May 2nd - May 22nd, 2016 | Check back soon
$250 active participation / $200 silent participation

Did your journey in photography begin when your kids came along? Are those tiny people,  growing up and beginning to shun your camera?  Are you wondering what’s next? Rediscover your True North by Connecting with your purpose and reigniting your passion for photography beyond motherhood and through all stages of your life. Passion doesn’t end when the kids grow up and is the key to producing meaningful images. Determining what’s closest to your heart and then pointing your camera towards those passions creates art and beauty with meaning. The purpose of this 3 week course is to identify your individual passions and combine those passions with photography.

This workshop will begin with a detailed questionnaire specifically designed for this course which will help you hone in on your passions – causes, ideas, beliefs, and subjects that are most important to you. We will then explore how to create personal projects around those passions.  Lastly we will talk about how to take those personal projects to the next level by publishing, promoting, and profiting from them.  Weekly assignments, discussions, inspiration, and individual feedback are included during the 3 weeks that we’ll be together.  Be prepared to do some soul searching and goal setting that will help point you toward your True North and get you on the path toward meaningful creativity.

Topics that we’ll cover:
Week 1: Reconnect with Your Passion
Solitude & Reflection

Week 2: Creating Personal Projects
Originality vs. Authenticity

Week 3: Profiting from your Personal Projects

*To get the most out of this interactive workshop, active participation is highly recommended.

Documentary Photography


with Photographer Lindsey Bergstrom

September 12th - October 2nd, 2016 | Check back soon
$200 active participation / $150 silent participation / $100 alumni participation

Day after day we strive to capture literal blinks in time—for both our clients and ourselves—that stitch together moments into beautiful memories. We think of ourselves as photographers but in most cases we are storytellers; witnesses to intimate moments, small triumphs, and quiet sorrows.

After this photography workshop you will walk out with a concrete plan for your first documentary project, knowledge and also practice under your belt regarding what it takes to successfully tell stories with your camera, and a better appreciation for the history of documentary work.

Before embracing lifestyle family photography Lindsey Bergstrom completed her Master’s degree in Documentary Photography and then chronicled the lives of the families who remain behind in times of war as well as motherhood in rural America. She now has two small children and has shifted her focus to capturing the raw, real moments of their lives.

You will start by examining the work of notable photographers to gain an understanding of the different approaches available and identify which you may want to use. In addition, each participant will present their idea and a plan for a project that they will in turn initiate… baby steps to get going and overcome whatever fears and obstacles may be holding you back. A part of this means a lot of sharing and discussion. Defining your hopes, fears, and dreams are a huge part of success, so you will walk away with big dreams for your project. At the end of the course Lindsey will not only look over everyone’s plan and offer feedback, but as an added incentive to finish your first documentary project she will also schedule individual project reviews with each participant 30 days after the class ends. This presents an incredible opportunity to not only apply your new skills and get timely feedback on your photography, but also external accountability to get out and shoot… for those of us that need that extra little kick to shoot that project we’ve had in mind for so long!

Also included is a detailed PDF as a guide for your project. Lindsey will also will schedule individual reviews with each participant one month after the workshop ends. This added bonus will allow you to check in with Lindsey after you’ve had some real time to work on your project. This will be a low stress (promise!) chat about your project…what went right, what when wrong, your artistic vision, and a critique of your project portfolio.

All experience levels are welcome and encouraged. The class will be a friendly environment where you can share both ideas and work with others to receive constructive feedback.

Taking Care Of Business | A Soup To Nuts Photography Business Course


with Photographer Jennifer Tonetti Spellman

TBD | Check back soon
$400 active participation / $300 silent participation

Just starting out or currently ramping up to go into business? Or maybe you are a hobbyist who is just so overwhelmed you don’t know where/how to begin setting up your business. This 4 week intensive business course will give you all the necessary foundations to get up and running in the most efficient and beneficial way possible in the overcrowded photography market.

This is a soup to nuts photography business course. Nothing will be left unaddressed. Jennifer’s straight forward and to the point teaching philosophy provides students with all they need to know without holding any information back.

From the importance of being legal, to being sure you are marketing to your ideal client, to pricing, website/social media reviews, workflow, client relations and more, you will end your four weeks with confidence in your business and a drive to surge forward.

The class includes a weekly PDF with weekly homework assignments that will coincide with the videotaped lesson for that week. Once homework is submitted each week, you will be given personal video feedback directly from Jennifer via video. Throughout the week, students are encouraged to ask questions in the forum regarding the topic being discussed that week. In addition to the PDF, contract/copyright disclaimer written samples will be provided.

Here are some topics that you can be expected to be covered:
• the importance of shooting what you love and making sure that is what you are ‘selling’ to the public
• website/social media review
• logo review / product packaging review (if applicable)
• how to charge for what you are offering
• products to offer that fit your brand
• the pros/cons of selling digital images
• in home sales vs. on line Gallery and best practices for payment
• the importance and how to market to your target market
• marketing lists
• developing marketing plans
• tips to free up time in your workflow to focus on marketing
• creating + maintaining a loyal client base
• the importance of customer service
• when and how to say ‘no’(it’s a good thing)
• common client scenarios
• print releases + contracts

Class is best suited for those just starting out or in business for 1-2 years and who are having trouble making their business their own.

Reflecting You | Connecting To Your Voice And Your Story


with Photographer Amanda Voelker

TBD | Check back soon
$250 active participation / $175 silent participation

When it comes to finding artistic voice, the task seems daunting and one often feels lost in the search. Questions such as, “How do I find my voice?” and “How do I make the story I am yearning to tell cohesive, honest, beautiful and mine?” are asked on repeat. Amanda will teach you how to connect deeply with yourself and your vision and create strong connections within your work. Through understanding, forging and strengthening these connections, you will clarify your artistic voice and tell a story as authentic, unique and stunning as you.

In this two week workshop, Amanda will address voice, self portraiture as a way to connect more fully with yourself, feeling and forging deep connections with what you are photographing, the importance of storytelling along with elements of a strong story, and finally, how to bring it all together in your authentic and unique way.

During the two weeks there will be daily lessons and three assignments, each with intimate and honest feedback from Amanda. Students will be encouraged to actively engage in the discussion and will be given the chance to ask any and all questions. Amanda will also give students a look into her work, her ongoing journey and her editing. When it comes to her and her work, anything you want to know, she’ll tell you. After the workshop, Active Seat Students will have two weeks to submit a collection of 15 images for Amanda to critique, based on topics covered in the workshop, and will receive a beautiful and detailed personal PDF review of each image and the collection as a whole. Silent Students can also submit a collection, but will instead receive a brief review of the collection as a whole in a document.

All students will receive a PDF of the workshop as well as an invitation to a private Facebook group to continue the discussion.

Exploring the Art, Business and Marketing of Senior Photography


With Photographer Brittni Schroeder

TBD | Check back soon
$200 active participation / $150 silent participation

Do you LOVE high school senior photography, but can’t book enough seniors?  Are you wondering if you need a senior rep program, but don’t know where to start? Are you struggling with evoking real emotion with your seniors?  Learn to find your target clients and build your business and brand in the Senior Photography Industry.  Learning to take amazing pictures is only part of running a successful senior business.   Come join Brittni Schroeder Photography and learn how to work with clients an build a successful senior photography business.

This 2 week, interactive course will help you not only learn to work with seniors, but how to create a brand and experience that clients talk about over and over.


• How to find your target clients
• Creating a senior rep program that works for you
• Networking to build your business
• Maximizing your social media
• Word of mouth marketing
• Building your brand
• Working with Make-up and Hair Artist
• How to get natural looking poses and evoking emotion
• Post Processing
• How to maximize your sales
• In home ordering

There will be assignments as well as Q&A section and private Facebook group for all members to interact after the workshop.

Food Photography Narratives | Natural Light, Simple Styling & Storytelling


With Photographer Gina Weathersby

TBD | Check back soon
$275 active participation / $225 silent participation

Join Gina Weathersby, a nationally and internationally published, award winning food/lifestyle photographer as well as founder, creator director and principal photographer behind the food magazine, 513{eats}, in Food Photography Narratives : Natural Light, Simple Styling & Storytelling.

This workshop is all about making beautiful images of food using natural light, simple styling as well as telling a story around it. Seeking the one perfect image is wonderful, but, for me ­ it’s the story that pulls me in deeper, makes me want to keep coming back for more, and keeps me loving what I do simply because each story is inherently unique. In our time together, I will share with you what I have learned and what I know about making beautiful and engaging images of food by using solid techniques, and a creative heart through descriptions, visual examples, demonstrations, shooting assignments and individual feedback. This workshop is for food bloggers, recipe developers, food writers, hobbyists, amateurs, or anyone wanting to learn to improve the quality of their images and/or how to approach, set up, style and make beautiful images of food using natural light in the simplest of settings. I create many of my food images in the dining room of my own home or by a single window in my studio with simple props and basic equipment, and you can too. My goal is to share with you my approach along with the components of creating beautiful photographs of food that you can take with you, continue to practice with and use to create enticing images to grab your reader’s/client’s attention on your own websites, blogs or personal projects.

PREREQUISITES: To enroll in this digital natural light food photography workshop, you do not need to have the latest or most expensive camera/lenses/equipment, but you’ll get the most out of this workshop if you have a dslr, tripod, and at least a 50mm lens. Regardless of your camera, you need to have a basic understanding of your own camera’s functions as well as shooting manually.

** This is is three week intensive workshop with multiple shooting assignments. Please be sure to allow ample time for this workshop if you plan to enroll as an active student.

Gina Weathersby is a nationally and internationally published, award winning food/lifestyle photographer as well as founder, creator director and principal photographer behind the quarterly food magazine, 513{eats}. While working closely with chefs, artisans, makers, and farmers to create imagery for their websites and marketing needs, creating visual content for over 800 pages of her own magazine as well as regularly contributing to other editorials, Gina has developed a repertoire of the art of visual storytelling which she calls Food Narratives.

Topics covered will include:
Lesson 1 Your Story/Your Style:
- The thought process behind a food shoot/storyboards/purpose/theme/color palette/mood and your style of storytelling.
Lesson 2 Natural Light/Locations:
- How to see and find light as well as understanding the differences in the qualities of light. ­- Different directions of lighting your food.
­- How to manipulate light with simple and affordable materials.
Lesson 3 Modifying Light/Video Demo
Lesson 4 Technical Camera Considerations (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance)
Lesson 5 Camera Shooting Considerations (Lens Selection, Camera Angles, Lighting Directions)
Lesson 6 The Story
Lesson 7 Props/Video
Lesson 8 Creating Your Shot List
Lesson 9 Artistic Considerations (Light, A Sense of Place, Composition, Color, Emotion)
Lesson 10 Prop/Set & Food Styling
Lesson 11 Ready to Shoot/Video
Lesson 12 Post Processing
Lesson 13 Assembling your Visual Story
Lesson 14 Getting Inspired, Staying Inspired and Working your Craft
FINAL ASSIGNMENT/BONUS ASSIGNMENT: ­You will have a week to complete and submit.

Students will receive:
Demo videos
Post processing videos
Assignments and individualized, thorough feedback
The full downloadable pdf of the written lessons from this workshop

Q&A: All active students will be able to (and are highly encouraged to) participate in Q & A sessions. I’m here to share with you and you’re here because you want to learn, so don’t be shy. Ask away, I’ll do my very best to answer anything and everything to the best of my ability. ** After the workshop lessons, students will put their skills to use with a final assignment of photographing and creating your own ‘Food Narrative’ a magazine style spread of their own Food Narrative, plus a bonus (optional) presentation option, for final feedback (active seats only).

The Discover Workshop: Finding Your Style, Voice, and Confidence Through Branding


with Renee Swigert of Ribbons Of Red

TBD | Check back soon
$200 active Participation / $150 silent Participation

Does the thought of branding overwhelm you? Are you aching to stand out in your competitive market or longing to be the next household name? We get it. Making a name for yourself is hard.

Through branding, we help photographers just like you turn heads, grow a following, and connect with dream clients. We’ve helped Christine Pobke, Jamie Schultz, Michelle Moore, Skye Hardwick Edmonds, Jesh De Rox, and Lemonade & Lenses to name a few—and now we would love to help you!

Join Renee Swigert of Ribbons of Red as she leads you through the wonderful world of branding. In this two-week workshop, you will learn about the importance of having a strong brand and how it can be used to grow your business. Throughout this workshop, you’ll be taken through a series of hands-on, creative exercises to aid you in finding your brand style and voice. You’ll also be armed with an arsenal of clever branding tips and tricks so you can start improving your brand presence immediately.

Renee is an award-winning designer whose work has been showcased at WPPI, featured on an iPhone commercial, and published in professional design books and magazines both nationally and internationally.

* To get the most out of the personal branding exercises provided in this workshop, active seat participation is highly encouraged!