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The Bloom Collective | Simple II

“How many undervalue the power of simplicity! But it is the real key to the heart.”
-William Wordsworth

When I first heard about this lovely collaboration I eagerly jumped in with both feet at the chance to participate. However, when it came time to submit our first image I was frozen with fear. Fear that I was not good enough. I agonized over my imperfect image and the words I would send in as the intro. I even thought about backing out of the project all together. I started scheming ways to get out…maybe I could just say I was going to be too busy. Then, as the days passed I realized how silly I was being. For me, this collaboration is simply an opportunity to stretch my creativity, be inspired by others, learn new skills and have fun along the way.
-Christine Blaylock

Christine Blaylock | Canon 6D, 50mm 1.4, 1/500, f2.0, ISO 800

Stephanie Bryan | Canon 6D, Sigma Art 24mm, 1/3200, f1.8, ISO 200

Kate Bragg | Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 24-70mm, 1/125, f4.5, ISO 1000

Ashleigh Sayer-Frederick | Nikon D610, 50mm, 1/4000, f3.2, ISO 1600

Liz Salem | Nikon D750, Lensbaby Edge80mm, 1/250, f2.8, ISO 320

Keira Kielmeyer | Canon 5D Mark III, 50mm 1.4, 1/2500, f2.8, ISO 640

Sharon McKeeman | Canon 5D Mark III, 50mm L, 1/4, f11, ISO 100

Sharlene Britton | Nikon D7200, Nikon AF-S DX 35mm f/1.8, 1/2500, f2.0, ISO 100

Sarah Pogorzelski | Canon 5D Mark III, 100L macro, 1/160, f2.8, ISO 500

Nancy Lary Photography | Canon 5D Mark II, 50mm 1.4, 1/200, f/1.4, ISO 1600

Gina Weathersby Photography | Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS, 1/100, f6.3, Window Light

Aurora Lampson of Lens Daisy Photography | Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF 35mm f1.4, Canon 600EX-RT bounced @ 1/4, 1/320, f3.5, ISO 250

Iris Nelson | Canon 6D, Tamron 90mm Macro, 1/1000, f8, ISO 640

Lerin Wheeless of Lerin Photography | Nikon D700, Nikon 24-70mm 2.8, 1/125, f2.8, ISO 1250

Adalia Schweitzer | Nikon D600, 50 mm 1.4, 1/1000, f2.8, ISO 500

Melinda Meredith | Nikon D810, 35mm 1.4, 1/125, f2.8, ISO 400

Lexi Brenner | Nikon D700, Sigma 24-70 @ 70, 2.8, 1/400, f3.2, ISO 200

Hope Toliver | Canon 5D Mark III, 85L, 1/80, f2.0, ISO 320

Courtney Keim | Canon 5D Mark III, 35 1.4L, 1/400, f6.3, ISO 100

Lara Gowder | Sony a850, 24-70 2.8, 1/50, f3.5, ISO: 2000

Kelly Whatley | Canon 7D, 85 1.8, 1/125, f2.2, ISO 640

Robin Bonner Photography | Nikon D750, Sigma Art 50mm, 1/125, f2.2, ISO 800

Radostina Boseva of Radostina Photography | Nikon F100, 50mm 1.2, Fuji 400 H

Brittni Schroeder | Nikon D700, 35mm, 1/250, f1.8 ISO 200